• WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Space bar to dash
  • Hold left mouse button to attack
  • E or right click to activate the special power
  • B to build
  • U to buy a soldier
  • F to arrange army formation
  • Y to upgrade soldier
  • Space bar to split an army
  • C to change formation
  • M to toggle minimap
  • L to toggle leaderboard
  • Enter to chat
  • Esc to enter the pause menu is a multiplayer .io game created by Spinbot Studio and set in a medieval setting. This is a sequel to, and is further improved from the original in many ways! In this game, you have to conquer the land and expand your territory. Build your important castle and buildings to support your army, then summon various units to help you in your conquest. Strategy plays an important role; Make sure every soldier counts!

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